List of blog posts

Quick review and notes of Lag's Rhythm masterclass on Home of Sound

I recently went through Lag's rhythm masterclass on Home of Sound. Here are a few notes about it.

How to fetch SERPs and save them to ChromaDB using Langchain

Here's the process and Python code I've used to scrape top 20 SERPs and build a local database for LLMS.

Few things I learned by generating a 300+ page site using GPT-4

I built a site, or rather "wrote" all the content there using GPT-4. Here's what I learned in the process.

How to route Sonarworks with Focusrite Control (Scarlett 4i4)

I tend to always forget the routing between Sonarworks and my Focusrite Control. Here you can see one way it works.

How to record all Roland TR-8S tracks to Ableton Live Suite 10

Here are a few adjustments you might need to make to be able to record TR-8S in Ableton.

Goals for my study leave

I'm taking half a week off from work to hone on my skills. Here's my plan.

Random notes about electronic music production

I'm trying to learn to produce electronic music. Here are my notes about it regarding mixing, programming and everything in between.

Implementing SEO and Open Graph tags in Eleventy (11ty)

I recently rebuilt my site using Eleventy (11ty). Here's what I've learned about implementing essential SEO and Open Graph tags.

How to find unused JavaScript and CSS on your site

One of the best things you can do to speed up your site is to get rid of unused JavaScript and CSS. This article shows you how to find the waste.

Your organic CTR might not be what you think it is

Some years ago I spent a time looking at CTR data in organic search. Here are some numbers.

How and why I built this site using JAMstack

This is a meta description hopefully.