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Joona Tuunanen

Okay let's tackle the "what kind of name is that"-question up front. My name is Joona Tuunanen and it's pronounced something like Yawn-Ah Too-nah-nehn. It's a Finnish name and if you decide to Google it you'll most likely find only me.

Now that the name thing is out of the way, let's address the other looming question: "what kind of site is this".

This site has seen many iterations and will continue to do so in the future. I'm fickle like that.

I've decided as of May 2020 to turn this site in to a "traditional" personal blog, meaning that it will not have a very specific focus. I intend to publish what I want to publish as I don't have to and won't turn this into a business.

So now that we've established that this site is only about things that I want to publish about, you might think that what those things might be. Generally speaking, I'm interested in:

So why not hop to see the list of all articles and see if something interests you?

As I don't want to maintain a newsletter or build a image heavy social profile anywhere, the best way to keep in touch is probably to follow me on Twitter (@iamjoona).