Joona Tuunanen

I do geeky things on the interweb.

About Joona

Hi there. I am Finnish dude called Joona Tuunanen (Yawn-ah Too-nah-nehn), the guy a bit higher up on this page. I am the Head of SEO and a Partner at OIKIO Digital Performance Agency here in Helsinki, Finland.

I am a technical SEO dude who likes to do geeky things on the interweb. That means crawlers, scrapers, automations, spreadsheet-based tools, hacky coding and things like that.

If you want to reach me, the best way is probably through Twitter (iamjoona).

Latest Blog Post

07 Oct 2017 Your organic CTR might not be what you think it is

You know how you see these average organic search traffic click through percentage studies every now and then? They’re often based on a lot of data and fancy statistics.

Today I got a thought to see how well those studies correlate with the customer data of our agency’s clients, as...

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